Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

Hello from Argo! Today is day 14 of our journey aboard this lovely vessel, and it was a truly lovely day. Much like yesterday, we divided and conquered: half the group went to the beach to shred some gnar while the other half, these being the advanced divers, did some scuba diving to further their certifications. On land, we enjoyed a luxuriously air-conditioned cab ride to our surfing destination, where we got some boards, did some stretchin’, and really just tried our best to sort of surf, kind of. Despite the technical difficulties of standing on a slick moving strip of foam, we actually had a really great time bumbling around in the waves.

The scuba squad was busy bees while we were surfing, with the advanced divers completing their navigation dive and their fish ID dive, which sounds really cool, and they saw some neat marine life. A couple of our Open Water divers, who still had a couple more dives before certification, got the chance to finish up as well, which is super exciting! Despite all these awesome sounding adventures in diving, which are awesome sounding and actually awesome, let’s be clear, the most exhilarating dive experience that I’ve personally had thus far, and I feel as though my fellow divers will back me up here, was jumping into the water with all our gear on from the cap rail of Argo. Lemme just say that you’ve never actually dived from a boat until you’ve walked into the water from ten feet in the air.

Day fourteen was a great one aboard Argo, and you should all be jealous.