Location: 38,56.631'N 38,06.20'W

I was awoken at 3:30 am to do my watch and was told that it might rain. I took the advice pretty lightly and didn’t really believe them because we haven’t experienced rain this whole time. But, as I went up the stairs to get on deck, it started to drizzle! I completely turned around and set off to dig for my rain jacket and some rain pants. My watch was from 4 am-8 am, and it rained the whole time. Since today was the first day it truly rained, it was the first day we used our foul weather gear for its purpose. Some people complained of their “rain jacket” being marketed as waterproof when in reality, it wasn’t, but mine did the trick. It has progressively gotten colder throughout the day, so we keep adding more layers to ourselves. Tom’s rain gear is all yellow, so he looks like a banana, and Kaleigh’s rain gear is green, so she looks like a lima bean!

To my understanding, we are sailing through a couple of time zone changes. When I went on deck at 4 am, it was already light out, which I found pretty cool. We have been blessed with some pretty flat seas, but today was slightly different. The waves still aren’t huge, but they’re bigger than they have been for weeks. I like to watch people stumble around on deck trying to walk somewhere.

As I’m typing this, Kaleigh has come into the crew area to talk to her favorite and only medic Calum, with a cut on her hand from a can of corn she sustained while washing up in the ‘Dishy Pit.’ She has been betrayed by her favorite food, but she’s all fixed up now.

P.S. almost every night, we see some beautiful sunsets that are bright orange

My phone is completely fried, so these picture credits go to my lovely bunkmate Jessi
1) (Left to right) Kaleigh, Keally, Dylan, Tom in the cockpit. (Keally refuses to wear a rain jacket)
2) Anna Banana doing her watch duties
3) Leoni in the porthole