Location: West End

Today everyone started their day, as usual, waking up at 7 in the morning. Everyone started off eating cereal with a side of fruit. After that, we cleaned up and went straight into cleaning the boat; We started cleaning around 9 and finished at 2:30. For the cleaning, the crew was split up into two groups of 12; half were on deck, and the other half was below deck. Above deck, everyone was split into smaller sub-groups and cleaned everything in sight, from the bilge to the masts, and everyone below deck washed the floors, galley and covered the portholes with deadlights. Everyone worked very efficiently, and we were done an hour and a half earlier than we were supposed to. Once everyone was done, we had tomato pasta for lunch, which tasted really good after a morning of hard work. It was now 3:30, and we were let onto shore for some fun time. Everyone dispersed and did their own activities such as go to restaurants, go to the supermarket, and go for some walks. At 5 pm sharp, everyone had come back to the boat to sort the provisioning that the staff went to go and get. There was a ridiculous amount of beans, tomato sauce, milk, potatoes, pasta, etc. It took everyone roughly 2 hours to sort and put all of the food away. It was now 6:45, and everyone was getting ready for dinner at ‘Pussers,’ which is the equivalent of Cracker-Barrel. After dinner, everyone headed back to the boat to sing Jack a happy 18th birthday and have some cake. After we were finished with the cake, everyone headed off to bed to start our journey across the Atlantic.

Photo1- Ines and Cecelia unpacking potatoes
Photo2- Ben loading a lot of flour onto the boat
Photo3- everyone in the salon putting the provisions away

Hunter (Fitz) Lisle
Signing out