Location: West End

Today has been less than eventful. It is our last day in the BVI, and from here on out, we will be traversing the Atlantic ocean en route for the Azores. Some of us went out to eat onshore this morning, others slept, And sadly others had cereal which is so commonplace in our diets at this point that I think that I may become a piece of cereal. -_- . after brekkie, we ran drills getting into our emergency gear appropriately named ‘Gumby suits because that is what you feel like in these oversized clown suits a gosh darn gumbo dumbo. I suppose the only cool part is that the suits, along with everything else on this boat, are branded with our ship’s name, “Vela.” Hopefully, a Kraken doesn’t take our ship down, so we don’t ever have to put them on again.

Then we were carted off to Pebbles hospital to get our brains scratched with covid tests. Upon returning, we had lunch which included peanut butter and jelly sammies, Pringles, and leftover birthday cake from our crew-member Jack’s birthday yesterday. We then all broke off into different groups to get going preparing the vessel for passage. Emotions on the ship are all over the place, and that is okay. Welp, time to giddy up, eh. We should be having garlic bread for din din, which is yummy. I don’t know what else to say besides if you miss us, just look up at the moon because we will all be looking at the same one no matter where we are. <3

– Alejandro, Loyal Stowaway.

Photo 1: Paige, Elan, and Spencer
Photo 2: Calum and Spencer
Photo 3: Everyone admiring each other in their suits
Photo 4: Case and Rocco