Location: Cane Garden Bay

Today was a day of twists and turns for the crew. We woke up this morning excited to start our passage across the Atlantic, but a tropical storm on the forecast was preventing us from departing just yet. The crew’s morale was pretty low when we found out the news about our delayed departure from the BVI. We were told we could depart in a few hours or a few days, so the anxiety among the crew rose as we continued our day at anchor. While at anchor, we had our first student-led Leadership class. The class was lead by Fitz and Elan, and it was very interesting and enjoyable. Once the leadership class concluded, we got word from Tom that we would be spending another 24 hours at anchor to see what the tropical storm would do. This was a big blow to the crew but was slightly aided by a great documentary, Maiden, that we watched in Seamanship class. While enjoying the documentary, Calum stopped the show to tell it was time to go cross an ocean. This was the best news we had received all day and a great moment for the crew as a whole.

We headed out of the BVI this afternoon full of excitement for the amazing adventure ahead of us. We spent the day and night settling into our bizarre new watch team sleep schedules and passage life altogether. As we slowly watched land go out of sight and adjusted to our view of just ocean for the next 2 weeks, there was either throw up from sea-sickness or a smile on the crew’s faces.

Image 1: Rollie clean up after dinner
Image 2: Darius at the helm.
Image 3: Callum and Tom just standing around.