Location: Barcelona, Spain

Today started off great with a fantastic wake-up time of 6:15 and a long train ride from Tarragona to Barcelona. We started off by visiting the aquarium, where we saw beautiful sharks, spotted eagle rays, penguins, and many other species. When the aquarium visit was finished, we all split off into different groups to adventure through the city, some of us going to see the Gaudi Cathedral (which at least everyone should try to see in their lifetime.) It is so beautiful with 56 columns standing inside that branch out at the top like giant oak trees and stained glass windows that bring in just the perfect amount of sunshine, very beautiful! Also in the city is the famous Gaudi Park that has a beautiful outlook on the entire city and a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean Sea. Also in the city is the Gothic Cathedral, which I didn’t get the time to visit, but many others did. Afterward, we came back to the boat for a delicious supper of Chicken Alfredo cooked by the staff. It is a beautiful cool night, and I can already see the group forming to become one big family, and I look forward to the next 87 days with everyone! Erika