Location: Tarragona, Spain

Life aboard S/Y Argo is now in full swing, with our day beginning bright and early for our newest galley chefs at 6:00 as they prepared a scrumptious breakfast for the 26 person crew and lasting until the late hours of 22:00 as we put to memory the names of all things Argo. With a fresh new crew on board, brains are moving fast as names such as saloon, gunwales, cleats, davits, and much more are being tossed around left and right, or is that port and starboard. During the middle of the day, the shipmates took a break and headed to the beach to enjoy the sunshine with the locals. Following some quality relaxing time in the sand, the majority then headed up the hill to old town. With our brains and feet having experienced quite a workout today, we know that we will all sleep well tonight.