Location: Nevis

Everyone woke up well rested this morning after a night at a secure mooring for their first view of Nevis in the light. After a hearty breakfast of eggs and toast, we had our first boat appreciation to repay her for carrying us safely to Nevis. We scrubbed and waxed the decks and washed the cabins. After boat appreciation, we moved onto Nevis for some much need ground time after the passage. Once on Nevis, we took a hike up to their water source. After having no more than our deck to walk for days, the hike was fairly strenuous. We hiked on a small steep trail up the side of one of the Volcanoes. While it was hard to see out through the foliage, occasionally, we could see out to the ocean around us. Since we were hiking to a water source, there were some convenient spots to refill water in cold streams on the way up. Once we had made it up, we had to climb an old rusty ladder to get to the pool that was the end. It was quite a refreshing place to stop and soak. Despite being a little hard, the hike was great. It was very cool under the trees and very nice to get out of the sun. We were lucky, and the cloud that hangs over the peak of Nevis did not rain on us. Once down the hill and into our cab back to the port, we finally saw what we had been looking for all along; a green monkey. It was just sitting in someone’s driveway munching on some flowers and grasses. There were also a lot of goats on the road. Back in town, we were able to grab some food before returning to Ocean Star. Most people went with burgers, though some had Chinese food. Also, a few of the instructors got haircuts. The students getting their advanced open water diver returned to the boat early for their navigation check-out dive, which involved using a compass and measuring distances underwater. We giant stepped off the side of the boat to enter and, after the dive, climbed the ladder back on deck with tanks on. We all then met on the boat for wonderful deck showers before dinner. After a scrumptious dinner of Chicken Caesar salad and broccoli macaroni, we prepared for our next passage to Antigua, which will begin tonight. Hopefully, everyone will begin this passage as they ended the last one, with their sea legs under them.