Location: Underway

So this morning, we woke up still on passage from Virgin Gorda to Nevis after a night of sailing. Unfortunately, not all of us were feeling so hot– sea sickness definitely reared its ugly head. (FYI: We had Mexican food the night before– Who’s idea was that anyway?!) Luckily as the day progressed, we got used to the rocking of the boat, and everyone, for the most part, felt much better. It also helped that as the day progressed, we began to sail behind Saba which seemed to calm the seas. It was great to finally be able to enjoy the beautiful weather, warm wind, and each others’ company. Our spirits definitely lifted, and the last leg of our journey was amazing. My watch team, Watch team 2, was particularly plagued with seasickness, so as the uneasy feelings passed, our watch team skills also drastically improved. Poor Taylor was stuck doing boat check every single time because Amy, Delilah, and I were out of commission. It was really cool to finally be able to help out my team and learn boat checks. Bow watch, which was brutal the night before, turned out to also be awesome. It’s a great feeling to sit at the bow of the boat and watch the waves, take in the islands that slowly come into view, and enjoy the company of a fellow teammate. Taylor and I ended up on bow watch together frequently and had a lot of fun dreaming of Jamba Juice and making silly jokes to pass the time. The day ended when we finally arrived in Nevis around 9:45 pm. We were all overjoyed to have made it through our first passage alive and well.