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Today was filled with walking the streets and beaches of Palau, Italy. It was a beautiful sight to see, and even though it was a holiday, most of the shops and pizzerias were open. I went on a long journey with a fellow student up the hill and got some amazing views of vela from way above sea level. We taste-tested a couple of different pizza flavors. Then We tried some ice cream after walking around in the dry Italian heatwhat a journey being to our last country of the semester. We’ve been to 5 different countries, I have definitely caught the travel bug. Europe is an amazing place even during the covid times it’s amazing how much we’ve been able to see and do. Im excited for our last stop in Rome, but that means saying goodbye to everyone we’ve spent the last 70 days with, living in close quarters, and going our separate ways.

Im sad to say we only have a week left of this trip, but it has been the trip of a lifetime. To wake up to the sunrise sitting in a bay of Sardegna in the Mediterranean is nothing I ever thought id have the chance to do. And I haven’t even seen Rome yet. I can’t wait to share my experiences with friends and family back home and will definitely be back to explore more of the places we’ve gone to. A big shout out to the staff of Vela Summer 2021 for making this journey of mine memorable. I am extremely grateful for everyone I’ve met on this journey and the life lessons learned. I will carry this with me for a long, long time.
We finished off our night with a nice swim to cool down and an ocean shower. Fitz and I had some extra festivities. (a fresh coconut while in our watermelon floaties)
Until next time Vela.
Love, Uncle Sav