Location: 41*11.158'N 9*22.251'E

Unfortunately, our time in Corsica was very limited. Therefore we were determined to make the most of it. We started our day at 5:30 to lift anchor and make our way south to Sardinia, with a quick stop at the iconic Bonifacio caves.
As we made our way south, traffic steadily increased until we were greeted by superyacht after superyacht, loads of small sailboats, and big cruise ships… the port of Bonifacio had to be near. When we came around the corner, we were greeted by breathtaking cliffs, large caves, and a beautiful historic town that sat atop massive sandstone walls. We felt like we were in a James Bond movie, and 007 himself would appear any moment on deck of one of the sleek black speed boats that were sipping all around us.
Our plan was to hop in the dinghies and explore some of the caves as well as get a quick swim in before we would continue our journey. Easier said than done. The caves were closed to private boats, and the area was incredibly busy, with boats flying past us left and right, so we decided to follow a small inlet that leads us to a breathtaking cove. The cove was lined with high cliffs, and the water was glistening in all shades of turquoise in the warm midday sun. While Captain Freddie and Vela stood off, the rest of us took turns and dinghied groups of students into the cove to swim, jump off the cliffs and explore little caves (and in Dylan’s case, study the local seagrass ecology … classic Marine Biologist).
After all of us got to swim one last time in Corsican waters, we packed up and made our way further south to Sardinia. We arrived at our beautiful anchorage near Palau, just in time for dinner.
Tomorrow will be another busy day with Navmaster exams and some shore time to explore the local town and some hiking trails.

Much Love,

1) Lighthouse of Bonifacio
2) Crystal blue water near the Bonifacio caves
3) Arrival in Sardinia and anchorage for the night
4) Golden Hour with; (left to right) Rocco, Savanna, Case, Ben Ale, Jack