Location: Underway to Singapore

Life at sea is becoming first nature to many people onboard Argo. Today watch team 1 took over at 8 am to a little bit of rain, which was a nice surprise from the normal heat we encounter so early in the morning. After a delicious lunch, as usual, we had our second day of Oceanography Literature presentations, followed by an OCB class about Elasmobranchs (sharks and rays). In anticipation of some people shaving their heads when we cross the equator in a few days, a couple of the guys decided to do funny haircuts. Right now DJ looks like an old man with a bald head in the middle, Alex looks like some kind of warrior with a tiny ponytail in the middle of his head, and Sam looks like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde with half of his head normal and half shaved. After haircuts and deck showers, we had the rest of the afternoon to rest and write our OCE essays. Following dinner, we had an SLD class about effective communication. We all made one-minute presentations teaching the group little things such as how to brush teeth, how to make a bed, how to do laundry, etc. Most of the one minute was spent laughing until some of us cried. To finish off the night, Hannah and I relaxed and watched an episode of the OC on our computers in the saloon before bed. We are all getting excited about our equator-crossing coming up soon!