Location: Underway to Sinapore

Watch Team three (the greatest watch team) started out the day, steering Argo through the blueish South Pacific waters between the wee hours of 12 AM and 4 AM. We saw a number of different fishing vessels through which we safely navigated. There were a number of interesting questions, thoughts, and stories shared between our crew, even a few sets of jumping jacks. Anything to keep the sleepiness from creeping up on us and to hold our concentration on getting Argo one step closer to our next destination- the Equator and The Northern Hemisphere! As I sit here at the chart table during cleanup this evening, we are currently in a position of 00 54. 420 S, 106 48. 8488 E, a mere couple of hours until we hit that 0-degree mark and transform our crew from a bunch of pollywogs to the much sought-after shellbacks! More to come on the Equator Crossing traditions from tomorrow’s skipper. As for the rest of the day, the watch teams dutifully took their turns on the deck while a few squalls came through and gave Argo a nice freshwater rinse. After lunch, shipmates had another round of Oceanography presentations then it was time to bust out the charts and dividers for another round of navigation practice in MTE with the Captain himself! Once classes were complete, shower time was on deck. With a few hours left before a dinner of curried pork, some studied, some napped, and some had watch on deck. Now that dinner cleanup is complete, it’s time for a couple of How To presentations from two of our shipmates, Alex and Isabella. Another busy and productive day in life! Until Next time – Tor Out. Saknar dej min lilla Mamma o Syrran! Happy Almost Birthday, Pappa!