Location: The Equator! (underway to Singapore)

After 55 days of hype and anticipation, today was the day we finally crossed the equator. Around 9:30 am, Watch Team 3 headed down below to wake all us pollywogs (those who have never before sailed across the equator) up to get ready, with strict orders not to come up on deck until we were summoned. Following tradition, he’s dressed as she’s and she’s dressed as he’s. Many a boy donned a dress and stuffed bikini top, while many a girl penciled on facial hair to match their backward hats and baggy shorts. Once everyone was ready, we were called on deck. There, King Neptune and his court (Sam and the staff minus pollywogs Jack and Carolyn) awaited us. We then all gathered in the cockpit to watch the monitor as the moment quickly approached. Then, all of a sudden, that long-awaited 00 00.0000 appeared on screen. We were at the equator! Hoots and hollers erupted from the cockpit as we crossed from one hemisphere into another, and then the festivities truly began. We started with a fashion show, allowing the prettiest boys and the most macho girls on the high seas to present themselves before the king.

With his overwhelming approval, we moved onto the obstacle course. We then confronted the Royal Baby, brilliantly played by Tor. In order to gain passage, we had to drink some Zeus Juice and rub her belly for good luck. Once through, we faced King Neptune and offered him a sacrifice. In return, he blessed us with his scepter (a deck brush), transforming us from feeble pollywogs into glorious shellbacks, those elite few who have sailed across the equator. We then all jumped into the ocean for a celebratory swim. While some offered in sacrifice a message in a bottle, like Kyle and Allison, many of us promised the king our hair. Back on deck, those of us who did so took turns having our heads shaved with clippers. Almost every guy on crew shaved his head, which was awesome. Even more awesome, Annie H, Annie S, and Zoe did too (though not quite as close to the scalp), and they deserve serious props. Alec, DJ, Kevin, James, and I went even one step further and took razor blades to our heads. Now we’re as bald as the day we were born! Though it feels so weird not having any hair on your head, the sacrifice was absolutely worth it. It was an incredibly exciting day here on Argo, one none of us are likely ever to forget. Special shout out to my sister and brother-in-law – you better actually be reading the blog!