Location: Nongsa Point, Indonesia

We have arrived in Nongsa Point, Indonesia, located just south of Singapore, after a calm passage that began five days ago in the Kumai River in Borneo. Thankfully, the typhoon that hit the Philippines did not affect us on our voyage at all, and aside from a few patches of rain, we had clear weather and smooth seas. Upon arrival, we had a BA, during which we accomplished the cleaning of the hull, the polishing of brass around the boat, swabbing the decks, and cleaning the cabins and galley. These were just the major tasks we had to accomplish. After BA, we had an OCE class, where we learned about the properties of ocean water and competed in a water Olympics, which included seeing who could put the most drops of water on the surface of a coin (demonstrating surface tension). After class, we were given about two hours of shore time, up until dinner. Some people went to hang out at the marina pool or enjoy stretching their legs with a walk, but most of us just enjoying having a warm shower at the marina showers. During SLD class after dinner, we watched seven years in Tibet, which is about the most recent Dalai Lama, as well as listened to Kevin’s presentation on Singapore. We can see Singapore from across the channel, yet the channel is one of the busiest in the world, so it will be fun to cross it tomorrow. The passage should take about 3-4 hours. We are all super excited to see Singapore, especially because we learned we will be getting an extra day there now. Also, the owner of the boat, Jim, will be joining us on-board for the next portion of the trip, which will be a very interesting experience. He is a very interesting man and knows a lot about sailing and should have some great life stories, and I believe everyone is interested in learning about them.