Location: Singapore

This morning, I awoke especially early. I knew that since I had to wake up early I would be needing that extra kick with a cup of coffee. Coffee has been one of those special treats since we cant have it when were underway. It was especially good today too because the hotel at Nongsa Point gave it to me for free! After slowly waking up and letting my coffee set in, I went down below to wake up the rest of the crew for their last shore runs before breakfast and our departure for Singapore on the horizon. Clearance from Nongsa Point went faster than planned and as soon as we were done with Leah’s delicious pumpkin pancakes we were on our way. Excitement was high as the city skyline in front of us got closer and closer. Capt. Sam took the helm since the boat traffic around Singapore is quite outrageous. Our excitement had to be set aside for a bit while we practiced our navigation skills in MTE and as Kyle taught us how to tie a proper fishermens knot for his how-to presentation. Then we were back on deck to get a quick photo of all the baldies from the equator crossing and to help the Singapore customs people aboard. Again clearance into Singapore went surprisingly fast and before we knew it we were pulling into our spot at One 15 Marina amongst many a megayacht. We had a quick oceanography class and then were released into the great unknown Singapore for the first time. Most of us just hung out around the marina, enjoying the luxuries of Wifi, coffee, ice cream, the infinity pool, and the fanciest bathrooms ever. The bathrooms were equipped with rainforest showerheads, full lengths mirrors, a flat screen TV, couches, and even hair gel (not that I have the hair for it). Now everyone is back on board quickly cleaning up from a delicious taco dinner with hopes of going back on shore. Some talk of movies, some of luging, and some just want to explore. Singapore Argo has arrived, you better get ready because I know we all have been waiting for this. P.S. Sending love to my Mama Polly, Papa John, and Lizly.