Location: Penang, Malaysia

Dear Readers, As skipper, and fearless leader of the fo’c’s’le ladies, I spent the majority of my day delegating jobs and organizing a very complex schedule (not really). I woke this morning for my 4-8 watch, which was cooler than usual, and generally uneventful – other than my attempt to take water samples with Allison. We arrived in Penang, Malaysia, just before lunch. From what I can see, the small metropolis should provide plenty of adventure for Argo’s shipmates over the next two days. Until then, I hope you will take the time to read the days highlights from my lovely fellow ladies of the forecastle.

Rachael: Today was a great day. Rachael awoke, well-rested after a great 12-4 watch. Bow watch with Claire was successful as usual, apart from the occasional spray of water. After lunch, she settled into an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and after its conclusion, she participated in a very engaging Oceanography class. Rachael was also blessed with a freshwater shower today, which she claims to have been “cold at first but refreshing once she got used to it.” Rachael is currently looking foreword to her 4-5 watch tonight with a very lucky gentleman, by the name of Alec.

Claire: Claire also began her day at 12 am, this time with a lovely snack of Nutella and rice cakes, which she has unfortunately managed to polish off completely in the past 48 hours. Her memories of watch consist of some wind and a bit of rain, but nothing of her times of bow watch with Rachael. After watch, Claire snuggled into her bunk wearing her hat and ski socks (returning to Boston for ski season should be a rude awakening for Claire). She fell into a deep sleep and dreamt of more Nutella and rice cakes. She, instead, awoke to a delicious lunch of Enchilada casserole. Her day proceeded with chart work with fellow shipmate Kyle in MTE, and a James Bond Movie. To Claire’s loving parents, she extends the message to, please answer the phone.

Allison: Allison awoke at 6:20 this morning to perform a water sample for her oceanography project. For those of you who do not know, to take a water sample 10 m from down, you must throw a plastic tube 10 meters into the water then skillfully drop a weight on top of the tube. This is very difficult when the vessel is moving at 3 knots. After that, she remained on watch with watch team three until 8 am when her own watch team joined her. She spent this watch taking more scientific samples, and even single-handedly (okay, maybe there was some help) managed to strike the mainsail, main and foreword staysails. After a delicious lunch, Allison spent a large sum of time, re-flaking the three sails she had earlier struck. After flaking the sails, she assisted the crew in raising the deck tarps. Next, she had 2 hours of class, 1 of which she was left high and dry by her charting partner, Kyle, who was otherwise occupied with Claire. After being extremely envious for two hours and taking in her words, “a very hard nap,” Allison was awoken for marine biology lecture. Allison’s day is now concluding with a game of cards, which she will use to diffuse from a hard day of work and further procrastinate her 2-page essay.

Isabella: Isabella awoke at four this morning for watch, which was chilly, but luckily not raining. After her watch, Isabella spent a large chunk of time reading and napping. Isabella arose from her nap for lunch, after which she participated in boat appreciation where she preformed large quantities of shammying. After class, Isabella continued with a little bit of light reading from her book titled, “The Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer.” Before dinner, Isabella “participated” in a biology class on marine mammals, which consisted mostly of her making whale noises with her fellow crewmates. Isabella is currently looking forward to a good night’s sleep and to anchor watch with one of her closest shipmates, John. Tonight she will dream of the adventures to come onshore tomorrow.

Zoe: Zoe also woke up at four this morning; highlights of her watch consisted of snacking on strawberry Tim Tams and receiving the occasional ocean spray on bow watch. After watch, Zoe diligently worked on her marine biology paper (first one to turn it in!). Occasionally, Zoe appeared on deck wearing her striped shirt. First mate Leah describes this behavior has “popping up like Where’s Waldo.” Zoe’s favorite thing about today was the new sheets she was able to pick out, particularly her floral maroon pillowcase. During boat appreciation, Zoe worked on a full deck wash with her fellow deckies, lead by her bosun, Annie S. During MTE class, Zoe worked on her ocean navigation with her “homies” Sean and Sam. To unwind after a long day, Zoe read her book, Lord of the Rings, napped, and had a fresh water shower. Zoe is currently in the galley, preparing her meal for tomorrow as head chef. Zoe looks forward to the copious amounts of coffee she will drink onshore tomorrow. Tonight Zoe will dream of Ents, the walking, talking trees featured in her book.