Location: Penang, Malaysia

Today we awoke anchored outside of Penang, Malaysia in a small city called Georgetown. The Argo crew was looking forward to getting on shore, but first had a morning class to focus through. Once ashore it was easy to tell that people had a wide range of possibilities but a wider range of priorities. Penang has great temples, wonderful food markets, and great hiking in droves. The typical Argo crew member, however, started out with a cup of coffee (not me I had some cake instead), and a sprint to the nearest internet cafe. Then the cultured and diverse crew proceeded to drink coffee, check Facebook and ESPN, and email home. From there, once well caffeinated and full of cake, the crew went their separate ways. Some took a tram to the top Penang hill. One group visited a mansion and Fort Cornwallis. Others went to the reclining Buddha temple, displaying a 90 ft Buddha just lying on his side. A few braved the Malaysian bus system and went a couple hours outside the city to a WWII prisoner of war camp boasting 70-year-old turrets and air raid shelters. And lastly, some decided to hit the mall and go see a movie. All in all the crew were happy to get on land for a few hours and explore at their own pace and personal preference.