Location: Penang, Malysia

The sun greeted us this morning with a beautiful sunrise, coinciding with the deckies putting up the tarps for the day, and Kyle and co. had prepared several trays of delicious banana bread (and chocolate banana bread) for breakfast. After a quick cleanup, everyone headed into town for another day in Penang. Some ventured out to visit the Sek Loh Si temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. They marveled at the huge statues, the hundreds of buddhas, and the beautiful decorations throughout the temple. Many hung a wish ribbon on the wish trees outside of the temples. After checking out the temple, they took a hike up the top of a nearby hill and walked through the woods around a large dam that provides water to Penang. Other groups of students explored the city of Georgetown, some checking out a toy museum, some indulging in delicious food, and a few venturing to the botanical gardens and on hikes through the rainforest. After a brief afternoon squall, we returned to Argo for a dinner of chicken cordon bleu. Everyone worked together to prep for our early start to Langkawi in the morning, and all are excited to see what new things tomorrow will bring.