Location: Lizard Island

As the sun rose so did my fellow shipmates. With each day their faces become more and more familiar. On this day in particular their expressions were ones of anticipation. It was time. Time to stretch our legs, time to explore, and above all, time to bring this journey of ours to life. After breakfast we headed toward the beach. No matter how many times I encounter picturesque scenes like the ones today I never fail to be blown away. As if on cue, we stormed the beach and headed down the path that would eventually take us to the Lizard Island Research Station. Once there we were breifed on the purpose and the history behind both the facility and the reef. As it neared lunch time our interest was waning and we all wanted to get our blood pumping again. The hike back did the trick. The hunger set in and we were grateful for the food Monica and Simon had prepared for us. Lunch was done but our day was not. The open water divers started their second dive and the advanced divers prepared for a hike. Having not done either I can not tell you exactly what happened but that they all came back with tales to tell of the sights they had seen.