Location: Underway to the Azores

For those of you that have yet to experience the cinematographic masterpiece that is “Awesome Aussie Skiffs: The Passion to Win” (a compilation of 18ft skiff racing in Australia and NZ throughout the ’90s), this may not mean an awful lot, but today we did the crew of “Nokia” 95-96 proud. We started off with about 20 knots from the SSW, which progressively increased to somewhere in the range of “phwoar yeah she’s pretty breezy ay” with sea state coming from apparently everywhere. Fortunately, that’s just great for us on Argo as it meant we were able to clock up some solid distance just under sail power. In fact, just after lunch, we had a five-hour period where we averaged 11 knots, so it certainly felt like a graduation from the first phase of sail training we’ve been conducting around New England. Nevertheless, everyone did a fantastic job of rolling up their collective sleeves to get whatever needed doing done. For example: cooking for 31 people underway. At the best of times, this is a daunting prospect, but imagine doing this on a moving platform when at any second the pots and pans might decide to launch themselves across the galley. Considering this, the amount of people that lent a hand in keeping us superbly well-fed today was awesome, particularly in that for many, this wasn’t their assigned job for the day – they just saw that help was needed and jumped into the fray. These first 16 days have been cracking, and I’m really excited for what the rest will bring.

Mella – in the zone.
Argo displacing a lot of water
Andrew – the light of everyone’s morning

Current position:
40 41.23N x 65 08.28W