Location: Trewangan, Indonesia

Today was our first full day in Trewangan and also our last. I only wish we could stay longer. Our fist activity of the day was diving. We hadn’t dived in about a month, so we were excited to get under the water. We went out with a company called “Dream Divers.” They brought us about 15 minutes off shore and we got in. The dive was awesome. We saw a few turtles and a shark. It could have been considered one of the best dives of the trip. The rest of the day was spent ashore. Everybody did there thing: ate lunch, hiked, whatever. I rented a bike and pedaled the streets of Trewangan. I ran into a dude who taught me to play the didgeridoo, and I was able to get out to some of the more remote parts of the island, and see a new and truer side of Trewangan. At the end of the day we came across a ring where people had shields and staffs, while spectators gather around and cheer on the fighters. It was awesome. A few of the shipmates stepped in the ring and battled it out. Trewangan is a beautiful place, and we all had a lot of fun. Tomorrow we head onward to Borneo.