Location: Mt. Point

There once was a time in my life when I’d never thought I would say this, but what a magnificent Monday! Twas today with many firsts for all. We started the day off right with perfectly scrambled eggs and lots of oven baked bacon cooked to perfection by Van and JP. After efficiently moving through our morning clean up, we practiced our Station Bill. This is where we run through what to do in an emergency, whether it be fire, flood or man overboard. Each watch team became confident in their perspective emergency action plans. Next up was our first sail raise! Captain Kevin went through the proper procedures and the crew had a chance to learn the lines needed in raising each one of our sails. We sailed around in the Drake Channel, practicing our jibes and tacks so everyone got a chance to enjoy some sail trimming. After anchoring at Mt. Point we proceeded with lunch followed by many of the crews first open water dive. With Albert as our excellent surface support in the dinghy, Meaghan, Danny and Matt dove with Matty Rob, while Ryn, JP, Edouard and Jake dove with me. Laurie dove with Andrea, Van and Will to refresh certain skills on their check out dive. It’s always so fun to see their eyes light up through theirs masks when they come to realize how amazing it is to swim amongst all the colorful creatures and sea life. All in all, a very successful day in sailing and diving for everyone. Now that we are all stuffed to the brim with Spaghetti Bolonese, clean up is slowly progressing while laughter fills the air as people comment on their food baby bellies. Up next, Intro to Marine Biology Class with Matty Rob! Life never stops aboard our O’Star and that’s the way we like it! Until next time friends, Ocean Star Crew OUT! setdate:2012-09-24