Location: Savannah Bay

Today we woke up to a beautiful morning. Many of us were somewhat tired as last night was our first night doing anchor watch, so many of us took turns waking up for an hour in the middle of the night. Today was also our first day to do a lab. Well they called it a lab, but it was more like a walk on a unique, pristine white sandy beach where we picked up anything that we thought was relevant to the surrounding ecosystem and talked about it. After the white beach section we walked about 5 minutes to another beach on the other side of the island which was the complete opposite. It was rocky and the waters were rough. This is because it is the windward (wind is always coming in towards the shore). Although it seems as if we walked around on beaches, we actually learned a lot about the ecosystem and its inhabitants in this short time. After the hike we threw a Frisbee around on shore. This was more like diving for it than throwing it around as it sank to the bottom almost every time. Soon after this, we proceeded to have our second confined water diving experience with Tor and Matty. Tomorrow is our first open water dive which we are all very excited about. As I am digesting the delicious chicken stir fry we just ate, we are all preparing to have our first Oceanography class with Laurie and learn about what we will often see while scuba diving in the near future. I hope this gives you all a good idea of what we are doing here cause I am certainly enjoying it and think that everyone else is too. setdate:2012-09-23