Location: Savannah Bay

We woke up today to a wonderful meal of oatmeal and pineapple. During breakfast we had our first rain. We watched as the rain got closer and closer to Ocean Star. Everybody was in a scramble because we still were eating on the deck and were completely vulnerable to the rain. As the rain quickly passed over us we started up the engine and headed northeast to our next destination, Virgin Gorda. While underway some of us went down below for our first scuba diving class with Tor. Once we arrived to our destination, Savannah Bay, we learned how to drop anchor for the first time. Lunchtime then followed which was a broccoli and cheddar pasta. A very delicious meal, I might add. We then continued on with one more scuba class before we were able to actually get in the water. For the people that had never gone, there was much excitement to start scuba for the first time. We didn’t go down very deep but that didn’t matter, it was an unbelievable feeling. After completing some dive skill training we dinghied back to Ocean Star for a nice relaxing shower time swim and dinner. The evenings meal was prepared by Matty and Ryn and turned out to be an exceptional Mexican Fiesta! Burritos! Great meal after such an eventful day, as I expect all the days to be aboard the Ocean Star. We now are about to finish up some quizzes for scuba class and then hopefully hit the hay!