Location: Neifau, Vava'u, Tonga

Some days are just approached with the sole purpose of recharging the batteries of the crew. Our time in Tonga has consisted of deep water dives, snorkeling throughout caves, hours of studying for classes, and the recovery of an anchor. With this day logged in the books as one of preparation for our journey to Fiji, we all took some time to reflect on what the past 40 days meant to each of us. For me, it has been a realization of the world that lies beyond my comfort of solid ground, an appreciation of things as small as flushing a toilet or an ice-cold beverage for a meal. I have learned more about myself among 29 others venturing through the same experiences as me than in the years I spent both at home and in high school. Once again, to my family and friends, the life I am living is not done justice through the writings on a piece of paper. Instead, I look forward to my time with you all again. I love you and God Bless.