Location: Faial, The Azores

Today was our final day in the Azores, and we made the most of it. The morning began with an excellent loaf of zucchini bread and then transitioned immediately into our Oceanography exam. One intense hour later, everyone packed day bags and went to spend several hours of free time ashore. Choices of activities varied: some spent time on the internet in cafes, others stocked up on snacks, and still, others explored the island. Midway through the day, some crew and shipmates touched up Argo’s mural (hundreds of ships that have passed through here paint murals on the walls), and it looks excellent. At 1630, everyone began passage prep and then had a meal of pork chops and green beans. Now we are getting ready to once again don our PFDs and get underway. Everyone is excited to settle into our new watch teams and the familiar lifestyle of being on the passage, and we are all refreshed after plenty of food and the internet (and a little too much ice cream). That’s all for now, folks – next stop, Gibraltar!