Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

After three long days out at sea, the crew finally got to explore the mainland of Grenada. The islands each have their own personality, and that held true for Grenada as well. With steep winding roads going up sheer cliffs, the somewhat treacherous drive around the island did provide an unadulterated and beautiful view of the sea. When we reached St. Johns, the crew split into a few groups to explore. My group went straight to the tallest point we could see, Fort George, which was built on a hill that overlooked both the town and the local harbor. After leaving the fort, we asked a local policeman for directions to the nearest chocolate factory. Upon arrival, we were treated to a complimentary tour of the chocolate-making process. We indulged in some delicious chocolate ice cream and treated ourselves to some fresh new t-shirts and homemade cocoa butter from the gift shop. We then continued our afternoon roaming the streets of St. Johns, exploring supermarkets and gifts shops, helplessly searching for newborn necessities that surfaced on my To Buy List after my first week out at sea. This list included a bottle of conditioner, hair detangler, an extra supply of Dramamine, aloe, and a couple more pairs of shorts and long sleeve shirts. Oh, and a new pair of sandals since my left foot flew off the dingy on our way to shore. As we finished up our shopping extravaganza, we still had a full day ahead of us that would entail fun games, laughter, tickling, and hair braiding. At about 12:15, we rounded up the group and piled into a taxi en route to a local primary school. We had all spent the night before conjuring up some educational games we could play with the kids, things that would hopefully capture their attention long enough that they might absorb what we were teaching them. Kelsay, Elle, and I led a game of educational charades, where we incorporated facts about local marine species in the Caribbean and the importance of reducing plastic waste for the health and well-being of our marine ecosystem. We had another team teaching knots to a group of kids that soon escalated to a big game of jump rope as Devi came up with the idea of tying a couple of lines together. As the school day wound down, the kids became restless, and the last half hour or so was spent mostly running around with them and laughing as they tried through sheer weight of numbers to pull down Matt and later Kelsay. Finally, the time came to leave them, and as we prepared to walk out, we were bombarded with hugs and high-five requests. Many of the kids also asked when we would be back, which was equal parts of heartwarming and sad. We said our goodbyes and made our way back to Ocean Star for showers and a delicious macaroni and cheese dinner made by Kelsey and Steph.