Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

7 am- Sun began to peep through the clouds…bye bye rain
8 am- Fresh watermelon, moldy oatmeal, cheerios, and Nutella, lots of Nutella to keep us sane

9 am- Seamanship class with a little trigonometry, thankfully we had Lucy the mathematician
10 am- Learned to tie sailor knots, now we are all practically knot magicians

11 am- To our private island we go ( Glover island a small uninhabited island off of Grenada ), where whale blubber was once boiled for oil
12 am- We explored amongst the goats and green grasses on the nearly untouched island soil

1 pm- Leadership class on Glover Island with some rare time for self-reflection
2 pm- Later we found some dried up sharks, fresh coconut meat, and many shells of perfection

3 pm- Some of us showered while others (Devi, Matt, Olivia, Steph, Steve and me) went searching for fish and big sting ray
4 pm- Ahoy! We swam and dove to find eels, pufferfish, coral, on the seafloor they lay

5 pm- Hunter juggled two bottles of shampoo and Devi’s newfound treasure a tennis ball
6 pm- Later the ball flew off the deck, but have no fear lifeguard Matty stripped off his shorts jumping to the rescue, a hero to all

7 pm- Chef Wiggy and Sous chef Elle whipped up some bean burgers, content with full tummies we laughed and we cried and some of us sighed… I’m getting tired, this poem is getting weird

Steve has a really cool beard.

The End,