Location: Underway to Borneo

Day two on passage between Gili and Kumai, and it was another scorcher, with very little wind and relentless equatorial sun, beating down between rain clouds that always seemed to skirt around us. There are. However, a seemingly endless amount of local fishing boats bobbing around on the vast Java Sea, keeping us occupied. They keep us on our toes when navigating, both day and night. During the day, it may be a speck on the horizon that grows to be a trawler with nets, and at night the distant glow of a squid boat creeps up quickly with its glaring lights. We did have a visitor on board this afternoon, in the shape of a traveling swallow. The little bird stopped by on its long journey to rest and recoup. It was met by a warm welcome from all those onboard, and after enjoying the luxury of ARGO for a few hours, it took to the sky once more. As the sun sets on our final night of this passage and dinner is served, we all look forward to our arrival in Kumai, and seeing all that the dense jungles, and murky rivers of Borneo have to offer. So ends this day.