Location: Kumai, Borneo, Indonesia

Today started underway, as we navigated through a few short rain patches (okay, one downpour), lasting just long enough for us to the advantage of the rain to give the deck a thorough scrub. A few crew members have also been a bit under the weather with something that was picked up in Gili, but everyone has recovered quickly. It was a good excuse for everyone to get fresh sheets and do a good scrub down of the cabins, which now smell nice and clean. Mid-afternoon, we arrived in Borneo, navigating up the Kumai River to our anchorage at Kumai, which we learned means welcome. The village was first settled by Buddhists, and when other people came to the town, the villagers said Kumai or welcome, and that is how it got its name. We were welcomed to Kumai by our tour guide for our program tomorrow, which will be a two-day excursion through the local, national park to see one of the two orangutan habitats left in the world. We are excitedly packing our bags, as we will be spending a night of Argo for the first time in seven weeks tomorrow.