Location: Underway to Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean

Today started out as a usual day aboard a schooner off the tropics of Brazil. The weather was clear, which always helps our watch teams keep a careful eye for any possible dangers. After lunch, the students who didn’t have an up to date CPR/first aid certification got a refresher course while the remaining students kept a watch on deck. The sun defiantly decided to crank it up a couple of degrees today, which made it a little rough for the afternoon watches, but we fought back at shower time when Captain Dan put Argo hove to, and we were able to jump off her gorgeous cap rails and bowsprit. The swimming was pretty unique today due to some of the larger swells in the ocean because it was able to shoot the bow high up into the air in a rocking motion so that the students could get some extreme hang time by jumping off her bowsprit. After showers, the rest of the day went through its normal routine with dinner and more studying/free time if you weren’t on watch, as well as another epic sunset.