Location: Tobago Cays

This morning my fellow shipmates woke up at 6:40 for the first advance certification dive which dealt with navigation. Then we had Chef Eric and Jenny’s delicious homemade cinnamon rolls and an MTE (sailing) class intro to navigation. Then Caitlin, Gio, Allison and I went to a new Tobago Cay island while John and Marc went windsurfing off Ocean Star. The weather was gorgeous as we wondered the island and snorkeled. Then we had Calalloo (a local vegetable) soup which was fun. Afterwards, we had a science dive meeting and more shore time on another nearby Tobago Cay. We explored and then either snorkeled, chilled on the beach or windsurfed (me and John). John actually sailed the windsurfer to and from the island. Then we were picked up at 4pm and chilled/showered till dinner which was curry chicken with rice. After that, we gathered our snorkel gear and headed to a nearby shallow reef for a cool night snorkel. We saw lots of lobster and everyone but me saw at least one nurse shark (some saw two). Today was an awesome day and the Tobago Cays are a really beautiful and fun place to hang out.