Location: Bequia

Today was our last day in Bequia and we set out to make it count. After a double dose of class in the morning (Tides and Currents for MTE followed by OCE), we split into two groups. Half of the shipmates heading ashore and the other half joining Casey and I in taking sediment samples. Our group geared up and headed off to Devils Table, a reef jutting from the northern point of Admiralty Bay where we are moored. Once there, the training with the lift bag in the Tobago Cays paid off – no sooner was the corer in the water than it was gently being guided to the seafloor by Caitlin’s expert hand. 20 minutes later the divers emerged, 30cm of sediment in hand and we headed to a nearby shipwreck of a tugboat, which we snorkeled before heading for home. That afternoon, the situation switched and another group headed to take samples while the morning’s scientists got their last taste of Port Elisabeth. This afternoon we prepared the boat for passage, for tonight we leave the Grenadines for good, bound for the mysterious jungle and soaring pinnacles of St. Lucia.