Location: Underway to Brazil

Hello, everyone who is reading this blog! This morning I woke up and said it is a good day to be a great day, and I was right. It rained all night during watch team 3’s watch and even more during watch team 1’s watch but by the time team Hazah! (watch team 2) I woke up for our 4 am watch. There was only a small mist. The clouds in the sky after it stopped raining made the sunrise glorious. Our amazing watch team leader Amanda Shuman helped us study for our oceanography quiz today, which was appreciated.

Along with that, she cooked up some rice and chili all by herself for lunch. After a smooth cleanup, we headed to class per usual and took our OCE quiz and EFR test. Me, Emma, and MG sat on the martingale to soak up the sun and cool off because it can get pretty hot and humid down below. For dinner, Amanda, Nolan, and Max made chickpea burgers which were surprisingly good for not having any meat. Nolan came in clutch with cooking the wahoo fish by seasoning it perfectly. Cleanup was again awesome because of the beautiful sunset in the distance, making this day, again, a good day to be a great day:)