Location: Terre ed Haut, Les Saintes Guadeloupe

Whats better than a day filled with hours of exploring a little french island? NOTHING!!!!

Today we woke up and ate Chef Hunters delectable poppyseed muffins. Afterward, we had a showing of our Seamanship How-To videos. We all shared good laughs/laughed at each other. Teacher Ian then showed us a video narrated by Irving Johnson, a man who grew up on a farm but always had a passion for sailing. He would have died for the vessel that he worked on–The Peking (currently docked in Hamburg, Germany, and formerly at the South Street Seaport Museum in New York). Our dinghy on the starboard side is named after this man. He was someone that personally inspired the creators of Seamester to start the program that it is today.

After class, we quickly gathered our belongings and dinghied over to Terre de Haut (pronounced: tear de oh) to spend the day on land!! We were all super excited. The town was absolutely charming. A very European-style island, for it, in French territory. Scooters and just a few rental golf carts roamed the town. Boutiques, a church, heavenly glacier (ice cream), a Billabong surf shop(!), a couple of grocery stores, and just local homes amongst it all. All the houses have red roofs, but each house has its own colorful style. We had no issue walking from one place to the next and repeating that process all day because everything was just so close to each other. I know I will be visiting this place again in the future!

We all reconvened back at the boat by 5 pm. Dinner made by Hunter and Matty, which was a hearty mac-n-cheese meal!! We all gobbled it up (despite all the ice cream, baguettes, croissants, etc.. eaten today). At the squeeze, we all shared our dream/preferred mode of transportation if we were to only have one for the rest of our lives. We did a triple squeeze, a turn, a jump, and then clean-up! Now we head out to check out the nightlife of Terre de Haut.

A very fun day overall!! 🙂

Skipper Elle out…