Location: Terre De Haut, Les Saintes Guadeloupe

After two days of getting up before 5 am and going to bed late, I felt exhausted waking up this morning, to say the least… Although I always hop out of bed a bit quicker than I expect because I know I get to wake up to 14 of my favorite sleepy faces on our beautiful boat, where we are floating in paradise.

Peyton, Devi, and I continued with our rescue diver certification. Steve trained us on how to use an oxygen tank for divers that may be conscious or unconscious. This seemed quite simple after the drills we had performed yesterday… which consisted of us pulling each other (unconscious divers) from the ocean floor all the way into the boat while doing rescue breaths, carrying each other over the shoulders onto the beach, and dealing with panicked divers who try to drown you and climb all over you( dummies were Katie and Steve).

In the afternoon, we all headed over to an uninhabited island for Wiggy’s leadership class. We were broken into two different groups and had to complete a treasure hunt! This was not a simple treasure hunt, as there were few clues, and trekking over and around the island with no trails was a struggle in the heat. Many of us got cactus needles in our feet, but we trudged forward, knowing that the hidden treasure (chocolate bars) was somewhere to be found on the island! We may have spent the first 45 minutes on the completely wrong side of the island searching for the treasure map, but eventually, we turned ourselves around and headed in the right direction. In some of the spots where we got clues, we had to complete “challenges.” My group (Hunter, Katie, Devi, Duncan, and I) found the treasure first after about 2 hours. MMM six chocolate bars, which we ate all of by the end of the day.

We hung out on the island for a bit after and became quite fascinated with all of the chickens and cats roaming freely around. Wiggy decided he wanted to become friends with and tame a chicken. We named it Hay Hay, and after about 30 mins he was well tamed, practically ready for the circus. He could even stand on wiggy’s left shoulder… well, sorta. I tried to hypnotize the chicken by drawing a line in the sand and then dragging its beak in it so it would walk in a straight line, but that failed. Must only work with Colorado chickens!? The chicken didn’t leave Wiggy’s side for the remaining time on the island. Perhaps he snuck it back on the boat in his backpack? The world may never know…

For dinner, Steve whipped us up a real English roast dinner with some Yorkshire pudding (a new favorite of mine and Olivia’s) and all!

Then dishes in the pouring rain.

Another lovely day on ocean star,

Kelsay Out.