Location: Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes Guadeloupe

Today a few members of the crew woke up early to go on a sunrise hike while the more sane crew members got a few extra hours of sleep. While the hikers were out, Steph, our head chef of the day, went into the small village and bought fresh baguettes and pastries for breakfast. The croissants and chocolate bread were gobbled up faster than Usain Bolt can run 100m. Some of the students are pursuing their rescue diving certification, so after breakfast, they geared up for a day of training while the rest of the crew remained on the boat for some studying and leisure time. Katie and Elle went on a research dive while Hunter and Matty collected water column data for their group project. At one point, friends of Peyton’s grandparents swung by to say hi. They happened to be on vacation on a 100′ Oyster that anchored next to us, and they must have spotted Peyton from a distance. There was another group of visitors that stopped by today just before lunch. Boomer and Chantale worked on Ocean Star in Seamester’s earlier years and have been down in the Caribbean this spring with their two daughters. Boomer used to be captain of Ocean Star, and Chantale was one of the Program Directors and Marine Scientists. They were happy to see the vessel in good order again. Dinner was a delicious veggie curry that was enjoyed by all. After dinner, the crew cleaned up and had an oceanography class with Steph. Afterward, the crew was in high spirits, singing “Every time We Touch” by Cascada at the top of their lungs.

That concludes another epic day on Ocean Star.