Location: Mahon, Menorca

0715: Crew is woken by the smell of breakfast or fire alarm, not sure which. Either way: a timely response. 0730: Crew enjoyed breakfast. Listened attentively to skipper’s morning announcements. Daily program well-received. Skipper’s fair judgment commended! 0830: Oceanography class. The crew learned much, slept little. 1000: Dinghies to shore. Excitement was tangible. 1200: Lunch for those aboard. Much debate as to the correct time onshore. Ship time remains the same. 1300 – 1700: Shore time for all. The crew uses downtime for self-betterment (i.e., homework). 1800: Dinner. Squeeze question befuddles and amuses. 1930: Class and chart work. Crew’s deftness with parallel rules impresses. 2100: Aborted attempt at movie night. Skipper makes the prudent choice and sleeps.