Location: 39 59.3' N 004 47.1' W

Today began with the stressful duty of waking up a whole boat an hour before they normally do without getting my teeth politely removed for my transgressions. Once everyone who wanted/needed to be was up, we had a quick breakfast, and then a platoon of us stormed the Menorca beaches from 7 am to 9:30 am, while another group took their nav master exams early. Wyatt, Elan, and I went on a pleasant walk along the coast and found an old abandoned bunker that had some bats and lovely mysteriously squishy stone floors. I didn’t go very far in because I couldn’t see very well as I had originally planned to go back to bed and last second, decided to go to Menorca, so I foolishly forgot to put in contacts and was legally blind for the morning. Once we got back, it was a quick freshwater rinse and outfit change. Then we went straight into passage prep before heading off to Corsica. Prep went by smoothly, with Jack practicing his helming for the upcoming student-led passage, and Paige and Anna led sail raises to practice their own jobs as watch leaders. We then got underway under engine power as we are heading almost directly into the wind currently, with the potential of a quick mid-Med swim tomorrow if the wind dies down even more. After lunch, we fell back into the usual passage schedule and lifestyle of using every free second you have to sleep if you aren’t in class/on watch. I managed to do two out of three of those options as I was apparently woken up twice for nav master class without remembering it at all before Alexa woke me up almost an hour into class asking why the hell I was still asleep. We ended the day with a lovely veggie fajita dinner and the news that everyone who did the early bird exams passed (Congrats!), and a general air of excitement for the things to come in the next two weeks.

Still riding the emotional high of climbing a mountain,

Photo 1: Navmaster class in full swing
Photo 2: Elan surveying his domain
Photo 3: Paige taking a selfie with Jessie and me for the blog. As I had just mentioned, I had 0 pictures from today.