Location: 41 15.4 N 007 51.9 E

Today some of us got some much-needed sleep after a class and watch. The students who are running the student lead passage got a briefing of how the passage is going to go. Everyone will be a big part of making it happen. Congrats to the students who have passed their Nav Master course. The rest of us have a few more days to study. The 200ton students are going to be taking their Business and Law exam tonight, so good luck to them.
We will be arriving at our destination Corsica around 430am. We will be able to sleep in a bit and then enjoy a relaxing day at anchor. We don’t have much wind, so we are currently motor sailing. Tis such a travesty to be hurling through the Mediterranean, burning up dinosaur fossils (gasoline). It’s sad because it means our trip is coming to an end in the next couple of weeks.
Today’s blog would have been written by a student named Darius who had to leave us early for some very important party planning along with OG Captain Tom, who also had to fly home. We miss them dearly every day.
Captain Freddie is doing a great job at filling his place, and for that, we thank you.
-Savanna and others

Photo 1: Brianne and Dylan twining
Photo 2: The group lining up for dinner of pizza rolls
Photo 3: Alejandro and Savanna in the chart house