Location: On Passage

Today started at 4 A.M for my watch group and me. While the sea started out rough, it eventually became better, and even out, there was even a pod of ten baby dolphins that showed up and stuck around at the bow for almost half an hour. Since we’re still underway, we all had some oatmeal for breakfast or what some people call boatmeal. After my first watch ended in the morning, we switched off with watch team two, and everyone started to get ready for the day. The chef for the day was Rocco, and with the help of Shana, he made some amazing meals for the day that some people went crazy over. For lunch, he made mac and cheese, and for dinner, he made parmesan chicken, which was very good. A lot of dolphins were seen today as each watch group was able to see dolphins. We all are getting pretty excited as this passage is about to end, and we are close to arriving in the US Virgin Islands.