Location: On Passage

We continue our sail to the USVI with our normal changing of shifts throughout the day. My day started at 8 am when my watch team took over from the prior team. The morning had a slightly chilly breeze but quickly began to warm up. During the shift, we saw some fantastic clouds and a halo rainbow, which was beyond cool. The students on bow watch were getting an ocean shower this morning because the waves kept spraying over the side of the boat. Soon enough, the rest of the boat began to wake up and just in time to enjoy a boat lunch of quesadillas. After a quick clean-up, we all had a quick class and time to journal about people who have influenced our values throughout our life. Once the journals were completed, some students went on deck for their watch, and some stayed down below to work on their schoolwork or to catch up on sleep. As four o’clock rolled around, we all took a deck shower to clean up for dinner, which was beef “poke” bowls. As of the moment, we are finishing dinner clean-up and getting ready for the night watches. We have all slowly obtained our sea legs and sea stomachs and are looking forward to continuing our sail down south.