Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

Ah, the joys of the world. For we now gaze upon Mt. Pelee, a looming volcano which we have conquered. It was raining, and misty, windy, and even somewhat cold, yet the adventurous crew of Ocean Star was not afraid. We started early and managed to hike up to the top of the going from 800m to about ~1400m. During the 4-hour trek, we hiked up the side of the volcano, along the rim, and down in the crater and into the clouds themselves. There was something magical about walking amongst the clouds and winds at the top of the volcano. As we wandered down to our rendezvous spot, wet and tired, everybody had a sense of joy and accomplishment. And now, as we gaze upon Mt. Pelee from the deck of Ocean Star, we carry with us a memory of an awesome day.