Location: Serangan Is., Bali, Indonesia

Whats up! The skipper of the day, Jack, here coming to you live from Bali! Its day 21 aboard Argo, and what a day it has been! We got off to a great start with an awesome breakfast. O Captain My Captain ( name that movie) Ben made bacon and eggs, and I did wake-ups with mugs of coffee and accompaniment by the Beatles (guess the song). Gotta fuel up! After breakfast, we had Oceanography and Marine Bio with Steph and Linds. The class was great but the rest of our day was even better. The Argonauts went ashore, hopped on a bus, and made their way to Uluwatu temple an ancient Indonesian temple that sits on the Southwest coast of Bali.

After a fun bus ride, we arrived at the temple grounds, free to explore at will. Some of us strolled along seasoned footpaths, through a bamboo forest full of monkeys, while others made their way down the side of the jagged cliffs that the temple sits atop to a beautiful beach with caves. Whatever we did, we all took in the inescapably beautiful view from high above the ocean. We met again at 5:30, at an outdoor amphitheater adjacent to the main temple to watch a religious dance performance. Although it was admittedly tough for some of us to follow we still found it interesting and entertaining (tat tat tat!). After the show we had a night out! The whole crew got back on the bus, shuttled to a local restaurant, and spent the rest of the night there eating, talking, having a few drinks together, and dancing the night away. Day 21 was one for the books!