Location: Serangan Is., Bali, Indonesia

Today marked yet another fabulous excursion day for the crew of Argo! We got up to a delicious breakfast of breakfast burritos complete with real sausage as opposed to the recent trend of meatballs that Indonesian markets have forced us to become all too familiar with. We hustled off the boat in order to get to Kuta Beach as early as possible to get started on a packed day of surfing. We had been looking forward to this day for quite some time, and it was time to see who actually pulled through with the most epic wipeout after many predictions and speculations. We divided into two groups as soon as we got there, one group being slightly more experienced than the other. After some brief introductions and a review of the basics, we all hit the water. Our group effectively took over the beachfront by the surf school, and it was a whirlwind of two hours of waves, rides, wipeouts, and laughter. Those who were already skilled surfers impressed us with their tricks, and the beginner group was looking pretty good by the end, considering we all managed to catch our own waves and stand up. After our surf session was over, we had the rest of the afternoon to ourselves to explore the area around Kuta Beach. Various activities included serious shopping sprees, beachfront smoothie runs, and a visit to a nearby waterpark. We eventually made it back to Argo, tired but content after our full day in the sun, to find a delicious stir-fry dinner complete with post squeeze brownies, all but entirely prepared by our amazing staff who hung out on the boat while we were gone. Today marks 20 days on Argo, and it’s weird to think that such a solid chunk of the trip is already come and gone. We have a leadership class tonight, and I think it’s safe to assume that almost all of us will crash shortly after and sleep very, very well.