Location: Serangan Island, Bali, Indonesia

Hello everybody! My name is Ana Amador, and today I was the skipper of the day. Today we had a pretty cool day because we had a lot of interesting activities. We woke up at 7 in the morning to have breakfast, and after that, we had boat appreciation ( this means we clean up all Argo, so the boat looks clean and nice). After
cleaning up the boat, we had a delicious lunch. Then we went to the Turtle Conservation & Education Center, which was very interesting because we learned many things about turtle life cycles and conservation. They also showed us a brief presentation about turtles and how can we prevent them from becoming extinct and help them live because they play a big role in the ecosystem. Everybody adopted a baby turtle, and we took all of them down to the beach, where we had the privilege of releasing them back into the wild. After saving the turtles, we had shore time until 4:30 because, at 4:30, we went to a rooftop to see the sunset with the staff members, and we had an amazing time because we were all together having a good time and having fun. After this, we went back to Argo to have dinner and to start Oceanography class. This was an amazing day because we spent time together laughing and having a great time together.