Location: Bali, Indonesia

Today started off super early so we could get underway and make it to Bali before sundown. We made it! We were also lucky enough to have pancakes for breakfast! I, for one, have gained a whole new appreciation for how long it takes to make over 150 pancakes. Thanks, Eric! After that, the Open Water divers finished up their certifications with a final exam. We have learned so much already in such a short period of time. It’s such a wonderful thing to live and learn with such great teachers on Argo. After lunch, we sat down for some classes and had a briefing on our safety gear. Then we had a little dance party while yelling, “I’m a star. I’m a star!”

Everyone is having such sweet conversations about how much we miss our pets, oh, and our parents! Ha! Most of us have been lazy about doing our laundry on this trip. It’s funny because we can all tell when someone is out of the laundry. All some people have left are jeans, dresses, or straight-up pajamas! Our cabins certainly have a unique smell! The boys had their daily workout sesh on the chart house while the girls all watched the sunset and painted nails. The squeeze question tonight was, “what are some details about the hardest you have ever laughed?” By the end of the squeeze, everyone was laughing so hard! It was the perfect end to today. Learning to sail has been such a fun, unique experience. We can’t wait for the weather to get a little cooler, though! We are almost 20 days in. Most of us are officially at the point where we don’t want to come home. There are new connections and friendships made every day. We really do have a great group of students who are eager to experience life to its fullest. Being surrounded by fun, ambitious, like-minded individuals for 90 days… what could be better?

I love you, Mom, Dad, J, G, & F
Pete xoxo