Location: 04*13,785N 73*35,146E

Today was fast passed and full of adventure. We said goodbye to the Maldives and started our journey to the Seychelles. This was easier said than done as we had a lot to do before we could leave. We started our preparations the night before with a 10 pm refueling of Vela. With a hopeful 10 am departure, we waited for previsions only to receive them closer to dinner time. Once the food was on board, we started our journey. We were separated into our new watch groups and got to work.

These groups have watch 4 hours on and 8 hours off. You’re 8 hours off are for sleeping, eating, showering, and homework which makes life onboard very get up and go now while most of us are still used to the more laid back schedule of the last 28 days. This is a big change for everyone and will take some time to get used to.

Once we hit the open ocean, many people felt the motion of the boat a little too much and got sick. This is completely normal but does make boat life more of a challenge. It is not easy to adapt as fast as we need to for this change, but everyone is doing a good job at doing their personal best, no matter what is thrown at us. The Seychelles will bring our first steps on land since arriving here, so the excitement is over the top. Though we only get a few days on land in the Seychelles, we are all counting the days until we are there.



1. Myra and Mo

2. Zac and Trey

3. Danar, Lucia Madz, and Trey