Location: Male Atoll, Maldives

Some of us started the day at 5 am learning about celestial navigation with Tom. One of the many amazing things about this trip is being able to look up at a sky full of stars and actually understand the beauty that you’re looking at. The rest of us woke up at 7 and had breakfast, which consisted of cereal and crunchy peanut butter, which is always a plus. The certified divers got to go on a navigational dive, in which they use a compass to figure out which direction they are headed. The majority of us also finished our open water dive certifications! For lunch Carly, Danar and Emily made us amazing falafel wraps, which definitely made it on the top 5 meals we’ve had.

After lunch, we started our mini boat appreciation. We gave Vela and a thorough clean to make sure she’s ready for passage. Today was our last day in the Maldives before we start our 2-week passage to the Seychelles. Although we’ve truly enjoyed our stay in the Maldives, we are all itching to set sail and experience life on passage. We had a very laid-back rest of the day in which many choose to catch up on their sleep. We jumped into the waters one last time to shower and ended it with a couple of cheeky backies. Tonight we ate dinner down below because there was a storm, followed by delicious oatmeal raisin cookies made by Leonie to enjoy during game night. The squeeze question for the night was, “If you could go back and experience a time in history, what would that be?” There were quite a few people who would have loved to live during the Roman Empire. The 70s and 60s were also a huge hit for people wanting to experience music legends such as Jimmy Hendricks.



1.dinner time, in the saloon

2. Leoni’s famous cookies

3. Jess in the engine room carrying out some checks

4. Henry and Ian

5. B.A (boat appreciation) with Leoni, Sierra, Bee, and Cate